Mary Leunig. Drawing. One Good Turn. Brow Books  (2018).

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Australian Women's Book Review

Editor: Carole Ferrier
ISSN: 1033 9434

Volume 29.1 (2019) - Contents

5 Editorial Carole Ferrier

15 ‘Be careful what you remember’ 
Catherine Cole. Sleep, 2019
Reviewed by Anne Brewster 

21 Eyes Are Singing Out: Australia’s Justice System and the Importance of Speaking Up 
Bri Lee. Eggshell Skull, 2018  
Reviewed by Riley Byrne 

27 Reaching Deep 
Tara June Winch. The Yield, 2019 
Reviewed by Jena Woodhouse 

34 A Human Being Is Greater Than War: An Intriguing Depiction of Fact and Fiction
Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky, translated and edited. Svetlana Alexievich. The Unwomanly Face of War, 2017
Reviewed by Susri Bhattacharya 

39 ‘History Will Find Me’: The Life Journey of Zora Cross
Cathy Perkins. The Shelf Life of Zora Cross, 2020 
Reviewed by Christina Ealing-Godbold

44 Families and Black Holes 
Stephanie Bishop. Man Out of Time, 2018
Reviewed by Gillian Bouras

48 Rediscovering Anne Elder: Poet and Dancer 
Julia Hamer. A Life of Anne Elder (2018) and Catherine Elder, The Bright and the Cold: Selected Poems, 2018
Reviewed by Michelle Concetta Borzi 

68 A Measured Monograph on An Artful Modernist  
Susan Sheridan. The Fiction of Thea Astley, 2016 
Reviewed by Lesley Synge 

74 Backwash 
Belinda Castles. Bluebottle, 2018
Reviewed by Emma Hamwood

77 Always the Land of Legendary Droughts and Floods?
Joëlle Gergis. Sunburnt Country: The History and Future of Climate Change in Australia, 2018 
Reviewed by Emily Duncanson

81 Notes on Cover Artist, Mary Leunig

TextaQueen, Family tree (self portrait), 2012
fibre-tip pen, coloured pencil and acrylic paint pen on Stonehenge cotton paper
97 x 127 cm  

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Australian Women's Book Review

Editor: Carole Ferrier
ISSN: 1033 9434

Volume 28.1 (2018) - Contents

5 Editorial Carole Ferrier

13 "Romantic Discovery"
Melissa Ashley. The Birdman's Wife
Reviewed by Taylor-Jayne Wilkshire

16 "A Tale from the Colony of Colour and Gender"
Mirandi Riwoe. The Fish Girl
Reviewed by Jena Woodhouse

21 "The Home We Know"
Maxine Beneba Clarke. The Hate Race
Reviewed by Katerina Tomasella

27 "Negotiating with the Dads"
Helen Nickas. Fathers from the Edge: Greek-Australian Reflections on Fathers
Reviewed by Gillian Bouras

30 "Revolving Maternal Identities"
Petra Bueskens. Modern Motherhood and Women's Dual Identities: Rewriting the Sexual Contract
Reviewed by Sophia Brock

40 "Doodling in the Margins"
Odette Kelada. Drawing Sybylla
Reviewed by Chloe Giacca

46 "Art as Consolation"
Heather Rose. The Museum of Modern Love
Reviewed by Jazmyn Tynan

49 "Writing Aileen Palmer Back Into Memory"
Sylvia Martin. Ink in her Veins: The Troubled Life of Aileen Palmer
Reviewed by Donna Lee Brien

54 "Travelling Light"
Judith Rodriguez. The Feather Boy & Other Poems
Reviewed by Ashlley Morgan-Shae

62 Notes on Cover Artist, TextaQueen

Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox, The Tree-of-Life Sends its Energy Underground, 2016
Gouache on paper,
30 x 42 cm  

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Australian Women's Book Review

Editor: Carole Ferrier
Editorial assistance: Irmtraud Petersson
Editorial Advisory Board: Sharon Bickle, Brigid Rooney, Margaret Henderson, Barbara Brook, Nicole Moore, Bronwen Levy, Susan Carson 
ISSN: 1033 9434

Volume 27: 1 and 2 (2015/16) - Contents

  • “The Conspiracy of Beauty in Greece”
    Gillian Bouras. Seeing and Believing
    Reviewed by Jena Woodhouse

  • “Drawing Back the Curtains of SFF History”
    Alexandra Pierce and Alisa Krasnostein, eds. Letters to Tiptree
    Reviewed by Anita Harris Satkunananthan

  • “The Goddess, the Icon and the Breaking of the Stereotype”
    Sanjukta Dasgupta. Lakshmi Unbound
    Reviewed by Susri Bhattacharya

  • “The Biography of a Wife”
    Judith Armstrong. Dymphna.
    Reviewed by Christina Ealing-Godbold

  • “An Experience of Migration
    Stephanie Bishop. The Other Side of the World
    Reviewed by Gillian Bouras

  • “In the Best Interests of the Child?”
    Penny Mackieson. Adoption Deception
    Reviewed by Sue Bond

  • “Songs of Compulsion”
    Laura Elizabeth Woollett. The Love of a Bad Man
    Reviewed by Lesley Synge

  • “Challenging the Dominance of Male Sport”
    Sarah Shephard. Kicking Off: How Women in Sport Are Changing the Game
    Reviewed by Braham Dabscheck

  • “Pioneer of Conservation”
    Anne McLeod. The Summit of Her Ambition: The Spirited Life of Marie Byles
    Reviewed by Marilla North

  • “Airborne Weaponised Drones and the Tree-of-Life”
    Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox