Jenny Watson, Will somebody please help me take this knot out of my mouth, 2009
gouache and human hair on Chinese wrapping paper,
image 64.0 x 64.0 cm, frame 82.0 x 81.0 x 3.5 cm.  
Collection of The University of Queensland, purchased 2009.

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Editor: Carole Ferrier
Editorial assistance: Angel Browning
Editorial Advisory Board: Sharon Bickle, Brigid Rooney, Margaret Henderson, Barbara Brook, Nicole Moore, Bronwen Levy, Susan Carson 
ISSN: 1033 9434

Volume 26:1/2 (2014) - Contents

  • Memory in a Curiously Conservative Queensland
    Francesca Rendle-Short. Bite Your Tongue
    Reviewed by Marcus Breen
  • The Artistic Journey of Two Ingenues in Tangier
    Jeanette Hoorn, Hilde Rix Nicholas and Elsie Rix's Moroccan Idyll: Art and Orientalism
    Reviewed by Carol Schwarzman
  • Life Writing as Conundrum
    Jill Hellyer.  Letters to Huldah.
    Reviewed by Suzanne Dixon
  • Thrilled Even Without an Audience: Thoughts about Poetic Engagement.
    Rachael Munro, Indigo Morning. Pam Brown, Home by Dark. Ray Tyndale, Café Poet.
    Reviewed by Ynes Sanz
  • The Plague of Love
    Merlinda Bobis. Locust Girl: A Lovesong. 
    Reviewed by Emily Yu Zong
  • Courting Blakness: Recalibrating Knowledge in the Sandstone University
    Fiona Foley, Louise Martin-Chew and Fiona Nicoll.  Courting Blakness.
    Reviewed by Yamini Krishna
  • Coming up for Air
    Jena Woodhouse.  Dreams of Flight.
    Reviewed by Alison Cotes
  • You Don't Need To Be a Weatherwoman To Know Which Way the Wind Blows
    Karen Lamb.  Thea Astley: Inventing Her Own Weather.
    Reviewed by Christina Ealing-Godbold
  • Gwen Harwood's Competing Identities
    Robyn Mathison and Robert Cox.  Gwen Harwood Remembered by Her Friends..
    Reviewed by Ann-Marie Priest