Researcher biography

Carole Ferrier in a Professor of Literature and Women's Studies. Her research interests include women's and gender studies, especially Black women writers; Australian women writers; feminist and Marxist theory; and theorising of race and ethnicity. Books include: Gender, Politics and Fiction: Australian Women's Novels; The Janet Frame Reader; Jean Devanny: Romantic Revolutionary; Radical Brisbane: An Unruly History.

Professor Ferrier holds a BA Honours (London) and a PhD (Auckland) and teaches in the School of Communication and Arts , where she has been since 1973. She has been convenor of Women's/Gender Studies at UQ since the early 1990s.

She is Director of the Women, Gender, Culture and Social Change Research Group; was the President of Australian Women's and Gender Studies Association, and founding editor of Hecate: A Women's Interdisciplinary Journal (1975-date), and of the Australian Women's Book Review (1999-date).

Professor Ferrier’s current research includes Jean Devanny's novels; comparative transnational studies of women's fiction, and the completion of an edition of the correspondence between Nettie and Vance Palmer.